The house on the 9, Revutskiy Str.


A unique residential complex, situated in a park area near the lake “Solnechnoye”, on the left bank in Darnytskyi district of the capital.
Residential Complex at 9 Revutskogo street is a personal project of the corporation POZNYAKIZHILBUD built of recognizable “red brick”.

For the construction of this house POZNYAKIZHILBUD specialists have developed and implemented a continuous concreting technology and concrete foundations care (mats) with a volume of over 2,000 cubic meters of concrete. Mats concreting of residential house at 9 Revutskogo street (the volume of 2930 cubic meters) was carried out continuously for 20 hours.

Area of the house
62037 m 2
Area of flats
39890 m 2
The area of commercial premises
1813 m 2
The quantity of flats
The quantity of parking place
Number of floors
2011, 2014